Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A (half) marathon lunch at Del'Aziz in Bermondsey

My flatmates are pretty keen on running, they've done quite a few 10ks but last weekend K stepped it up a notch with Nike's Run to the Beat half marathon on Sunday.

We went along to cheer her over the finish line and after watching probably a thousand identically dressed people pass us she eventually appeared and managed to high-five us all as she went past.

There were different levels of people taking part, some looked like they were hardly trying, some were limping and some were as red as beetroots, but it didn't seem to matter, each person was there to reach a different goal.

My favourite was a girl pulling her friend along by the hand and shouting "come on Becky, there's the finish line I can see it!"

Afterwards, we met up for lunch at Del'Aziz in Bermondsey Square. It's a great deli which does a good selection of food with a mediterranean twist such as burgers and breakfasts.

We all went for pittas, lamb, sausage and chicken which came with salad and yoghurt. We also ordered the Del'Aziz special fries which meant they were basically covered in garlic. Yum.

I ordered a large cappuccino to warm up after standing in the cold for so long but I didn't think it'd be as big as it was, it rivalled the Costa Coffee soup bowl mugs. It was huge.

K was fully intending on eating whatever she wanted on Sunday picked up a slice of plum tart from the selection of cakes at the front of the deli which looked absolutely amazing.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lunch at the Photographers' Gallery London

On Saturday I had a few errands to run around the Oxford Street area but instead of grabbing a sandwich at a Pret or other such cafe I decided to stop by the newly opened Photographers' Gallery to see what they had to offer. I'd been for coffee before but they've also started doing hot savoury food too. This may seem like a surprise, given the name of this blog but I'm not a complete fan of lots of sugary things so I was really happy to see that as well as doing cakes, biscuits and brownies the Photographers' Gallery café now also has a selection of pastas and other dishes to be warmed up.

I went for the broccoli and mozzarella frittata which came with a very nicely sized salad and lemon vinaigrette for around four pounds. Sitting at the bar which runs around the corner of the building so that you can people watch through the big windows it's a little oasis from the chain restaurants and bustle of the crowds on Oxford and Carnaby Street which are very nearby. Another thing that was nice is that the cutlery was very nicely weighted - it may seem like a small thing but I'm quite fussy when it comes to it.

After the frittata I had a very nicely foamed cappuccino (my new coffee of choice) which came in a Lavazza mug. I'm never too sure about Lavazza coffee's mugs as I find they have very small handles but this one was one of the better ones.

Following lunch, I headed downstairs to browse the bookstore and see the book I've helped to edit over the last year, Occupy London by Ed Thompson. Occupy London is a photography book at heart with images taken from within the St Paul's camp but also includes essays and commentary about every stage of the movement from setting up camp to the final evictions and beyond.

Occupy London by photographer Ed Thompson is available from The Photographers' Gallery bookshop - you'll find it in a nice spot by the till next to The Selby's new book Edible Selby - or from Ed direct, contact him on Twitter

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just a little hiatus...

So I've not written about coffee or cake for a while, of course this doesn't mean I've not eaten any coffee or cake in that time, I've just been busy enjoying the coffee and cake.

Anyway, spurred on by some of my colleagues saying that I should start a food blog (unbeknownst to them that I actually have the shell of one already) because I talk about my individual tastes in food, places to eat it and the different quirks I have whilst eating it (I'm really not that fussy at all) I've decided to resurrect this blog and see how far I get.

This weekend has been particularly good for food so I thought now would be as good a time than any. Stay tuned.

Photo: Coffee cake and a latte at Daisies in the Park in Pinner on a Saturday in the sun this summer
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