Monday, September 19, 2011

The Breakfast Club - my not so guilty secret

I love breakfast, and I am more often than not caught saying that I could eat breakfast everyday, for every meal. So when D suggested that we go to The Breakfast Club for a Saturday morning catch up I was just so excited.

From the outside, The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields plays it cool. There is no flashy logo'd sign, just the clean white painted frontage with "today is going to be a good day" optimistically painted on it. You would pass this if you didn't know it was there. The only thing that gives it away is a large, train station-like clock, which has the name of TBC on its face and a glimpse of "Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls" written in neon on the inside wall.

Go through the door and it's packed, there's a queue of people waiting to be sat at the sanded down trestle-tables and ex-school-canteen chairs. There is definitely a club like atmosphere, you instantly know that everyone is here for one thing, that you are now part of that club and you all share the same guilty secret - except I totally don't feel guilty about it.

Looking at the menu, there's every kind of breakfast (obviously), it's so hard to choose because you know that, from the food coming out of the diner-style open kitchen, it will all not only look like it's out of a photo-shoot but it will taste amazing too. We went for American Breakfasts but had both decided after looking through only half the menu that we would have to come back again and try something else.

Whilst we waited for our food, we admired the design of the place - vintage, but not try hard - sipped at our wonderfully frothy coffees (me a latte and D a cappuccino) and discussed what we had been up to over the last couple of months. Good times.

When our Americans arrived they were just as good as we'd hoped. If The Breakfast Club did life-time membership, I'd be first on the list.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where I win a trophy

For the second of my most summery explorations I have chosen a cup of coffee which came in a terribly seventies (but brilliant) glass cup and saucer. It is accompanied by the rose-bowl trophy and plate I received at my Tennis club's end of summer presentation barbecue. I think they go very well together.

My tennis club has very 'village hall' atmosphere and the membership is quite small, but the one thing they do well is barbecue - the two members who cook it actually went on a course, no burnt sausages here!

As a side note, in this photo you can also see my iPhone, which was robbed from me on this Monday evening just gone. Boohoo.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Recent cake explorations

I was trying to do this in 'real-time' but sometimes work and other things just take over so the next few posts may not be in any sort of chronological order. But what does it matter...

I thought I'd start with one of summery-est cake moments. As you can see it is a pot of frozen yoghurt, with brownie (yes that's the cake bit) and raspberries. I met D on Brewer Street for a quick catch up the day after I got back from Jersey. The weather was still amazingly hot so we needed a cool down and frozen yoghurt seemed the right way to go; you would not think it possible to be both delicious and healthy at the same time (if you take away the brownie), but SNOG can perform miracles.

SNOG is one of my favourite places to go, it's all electric pink and white. It's not just them doing frozen yoghurt though, when at work, we'll take a walk into Angel and drop by FRAE on Camden Passage, which is basically the same idea, less fluorescent maybe and more of the 'natural' vibe. They do strawberry flavour yoghurt, which is a must; almost as good as a pot of Häagen-Dazs.
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