Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tea, scones and looking for wedding venues

This weekend I went looking for evening wedding party venues with my Mum. Before the congratulations start pouring in, no this is not for my wedding, it is for my Sisters. Now when I say evening venues, we are not looking for a day venue, wedding breakfast venue and not even a church - this is because my Sister, the unconventional one of the family is having her actual wedding in the Caribbean, Antigua specifically. More on this at a later date most probably.

As many of our family and friends won't be able to fly half way around the world to see not-so-little-anymore Sis' wedding there'll be a reception back in England a week or so after we all get back.

One venue which was on the original list of venues before the wedding moved 4000 miles away was The Great Barn in Ruislip, recently refurbished and host of the Duck Pond Markets every month. As soon as we stepped in we knew it was too big for just a party but after an afternoon on the road we needed some refreshment and soon spotted the small café across the central green.

We sat outside and shared the last scone with jam & cream and a banoffee pie and drank two large mugs of tea - this was a very English afternoon don't forget, no coffee in sight.

An enjoyable afternoon out on a sunny day but the venue search continues.

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