Thursday, April 28, 2011

My tour of Great Britain: a Saturday morning in Bridgend

On Saturday morning after our first night in Bridgend I woke up early to book my Olympic tickets. I had left it to the last minute and was slightly paranoid that Tuesday would come and go and I'd forget all about them.

The quiet of the hotel at seven o'clock in the morning was very different to the party atmosphere at 12am the previous night. Eventually I found a waitress setting up the breakfast and ordered a coffee.

I sat in the bar on a big green sofa, the door to the decking outside was open with a fresh breeze was blowing through and the sun was shining outside.

My coffee came in a pot on a tray which allowed me to pour several cups and for it to keep warm whilst I studied which events I actually wanted to see at next years Olympics and which I was prepared to pay for!

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