Friday, April 22, 2011

My tour of Great Britain: the train from London to Bridgend

For the next 10 days I am on a tour of sorts around Great Britain. This morning I'm currently on a train heading to my first stop, Bridgend in Wales for Z from Universitiy's Hen Night. She lives in the North, so N (a friend from Uni also) and I are travelling separately from London.

We got to Paddington ahead of schedule so that we could go in search of breakfast. Paddington Station, like any other, is covered in those sub-standard coffee shops selling dried out croissants and coffee in horribly designed orange paper cups. We decided to leave the station and just around the corner on Craven Road we found Ef's.

Ef's is one of those Turkish café and sandwich bars that double up as your local kebab shop on the way home from a night out.

I ordered, a latte which came in a just the right size mug, with a saucer and a plate of sausage, egg and bacon; N ordered a tea which came with the teabag still soaking in one of those brown glass mugs and a sausage sandwich. It being quite a hot morning and after the wine we drank last night, I also ordered a Ribena and N a bottle of water. It all came to a reasonable price, which would have been at least double for what we had, had we stayed in the station.

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