Saturday, April 16, 2011

A quick stop at Peyton and Byrne

When I don't have time to bake cake myself or I need to take cake to an event at short notice I make a quick stop by my local Peyton and Byrne in St. Pancras Station. They make the most beautiful and tasty cakes for any occasion, from carrot cake and victoria sponge (sold by the slice or whole cake) to swiss rolls and mini banoffee pies (my favourite).

They also do loose leaf teas and biscuits for gifts that need to travel!

I took these to a triple birthday gathering last night. They don't look very pretty (well maybe the heart shaped raspberry sponge does), but they're very tasty. Larger than you're average pastry or cupcake, they are a great sharing size for everyone to just dive in with a fork.

I ordered: Chocolate and cream swiss roll, lemon curd swiss roll, banoffee pie and fresh raspberry and cream sponge sandwich. These must be stored in the fridge if not eating immediately.

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