Friday, April 15, 2011

Let's just stop for a coffee..?

My Dad likes coffee, when we're on holiday or on a day out the phrase that's always said within about 20 minutes of the last coffee is "shall we stop for a coffee?".

Drinking coffee at a little table outside a little café on some piazza has been the image I conjure up when I think of most of my family holidays. I guess it was only inevitable I should become a coffee connoisseur too.

Living in the centre of London, away from where I grew up, I don't get to see my parents at home so much. Coffee gives us an excuse to meet up. My Dad travels around the centre of London with his work, so he's always finding a new coffee spot away from the centre of things to do a bit of paperwork or just take a moment to relax.

Allans Patisserie on Duke Street does cake which is more of a dessert and must be eaten with a fork. Lunch there is also good, with salads and savoury tarts on the menu too. The French country-style interior is covered with shelves of produce for sale.

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